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  1. Photo of Peter Brook

    Peter Brook Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of G.I. Gurdjieff

    G.I. Gurdjieff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jeanne Salzmann

    Jeanne Salzmann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dragan Maksimović

    Dragan Maksimović Cast

  5. Photo of Terence Stamp

    Terence Stamp Cast

  6. Photo of Mikica Dimitrijevic

    Mikica Dimitrijevic Cast

  7. Photo of Athol Fugard

    Athol Fugard Cast

  8. Photo of Warren Mitchell

    Warren Mitchell Cast

  9. Photo of Fahro Konjhodzic

    Fahro Konjhodzic Cast

  10. Photo of David Markham

    David Markham Cast

  11. Photo of Natasha Parry

    Natasha Parry Cast

  12. Photo of Bruce Myers

    Bruce Myers Cast

  13. Photo of Colin Blakely

    Colin Blakely Cast

  14. Photo of Grégoire Aslan

    Grégoire Aslan Cast

  15. Photo of Tom Fleming

    Tom Fleming Cast

  16. Photo of Andrew Keir

    Andrew Keir Cast

  17. Photo of Sami Tahasuni

    Sami Tahasuni Cast

  18. Photo of Fabijan Šovagović

    Fabijan Šovagović Cast

  19. Photo of Donald Sumpter

    Donald Sumpter Cast

  20. Photo of Gerry Sundquist

    Gerry Sundquist Cast

  21. Photo of Martin Benson

    Martin Benson Cast

  22. Photo of Gilbert Taylor

    Gilbert Taylor Cinematography

  23. Photo of Laurence Rosenthal

    Laurence Rosenthal Music

  24. Photo of Georges Wakhévitch

    Georges Wakhévitch Production Design

  25. Photo of Stuart Lyons

    Stuart Lyons Producer

  26. Photo of Michael Currer-Briggs

    Michael Currer-Briggs Executive Producer

  27. Photo of John Jympson

    John Jympson Editing

  28. Photo of Malak Khazal

    Malak Khazal Costume Design