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Better Than Amelie

Meet Matsuko, a somewhat charming and smily woman that never get the love she deserved in this world. More or less, this film, as the title suggest, is about her. Through the eyes of her nephew, we see her life, from her child age, into her grim fate, of died in the age of 57 (this is not a spoiler, don’t worry. you’re gonna know it by 5 minutes of the film ).

jJdging by the premise (no, not the allmovie guide synopsys that is on this website, that pretty much tell the whole story ) and the title that i admit was pretty lame and uninspiring, and also the very usual ‘colorful’ poster, i watch this film with no expectation at all.

And damn,what i get a sumptous feat that i will not ever forget. This is a crazy super-stylish, yet full of substance. style over substance, but because the style is soo great, not that there is no substance in it. Thanks to director tetsuya Nakashima, for making a highly depressing story like this much more “fun”, and plays with it with every possible things ( highly colored canvas-like cinematography, up-the-ante musical moments, and many more). the case might be diferrent if said, Lars von Trier directed it.

and who could ever forget that ‘face’ of Matsuko ? like her father, i’ll also gonna smile forever seeing that face. so what, Amelie ? i prefer Matsuko, sorry