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  1. Photo of Jean-Claude Carrière

    Jean-Claude Carrière Screenplay

  2. Photo of Henning Carlsen

    Henning Carlsen Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Gabriel García Márquez

    Gabriel García Márquez Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vicente Aldape

    Vicente Aldape Producer

  5. Photo of Nina Crone

    Nina Crone Producer

  6. Photo of Enrique Fernández

    Enrique Fernández Producer

  7. Photo of Raquel Guajardo

    Raquel Guajardo Producer

  8. Photo of Norbert Llarás

    Norbert Llarás Producer

  9. Photo of Jordi Rediu

    Jordi Rediu Producer

  10. Photo of Leonardo Villarreal

    Leonardo Villarreal Producer

  11. Photo of Alejandro Martínez

    Alejandro Martínez Cinematography

  12. Photo of Anders Refn

    Anders Refn Editing

  13. Photo of Roberto Bonelli

    Roberto Bonelli Production Design

  14. Photo of Lars Rudolph

    Lars Rudolph Sound

  15. Photo of Fernando Cámara

    Fernando Cámara Sound

  16. Photo of Eddie Simonsen

    Eddie Simonsen Sound

  17. Photo of Emilio Echevarría

    Emilio Echevarría Cast

  18. Photo of Geraldine Chaplin

    Geraldine Chaplin Cast

  19. Photo of Ángela Molina

    Ángela Molina Cast

  20. Photo of Olivia Molina

    Olivia Molina Cast

  21. Photo of Paolo Medina

    Paolo Medina Cast