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  1. Photo of Barry Sonnenfeld

    Barry Sonnenfeld Director

  2. Photo of Etan Cohen

    Etan Cohen Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Koepp

    David Koepp Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeff Nathanson

    Jeff Nathanson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michael Soccio

    Michael Soccio Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lowell Cunningham

    Lowell Cunningham Screenplay

  7. Photo of Will Smith

    Will Smith Cast

  8. Photo of Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones Cast

  9. Photo of Josh Brolin

    Josh Brolin Cast

  10. Photo of Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson Cast

  11. Photo of Alice Eve

    Alice Eve Cast

  12. Photo of Nicole Scherzinger

    Nicole Scherzinger Cast

  13. Photo of Jemaine Clement

    Jemaine Clement Cast

  14. Photo of Bill Hader

    Bill Hader Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Stuhlbarg

    Michael Stuhlbarg Cast

  16. Photo of Yuri Lowenthal

    Yuri Lowenthal Cast

  17. Photo of Joseph R. Gannascoli

    Joseph R. Gannascoli Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Chernus

    Michael Chernus Cast

  19. Photo of Bill Pope

    Bill Pope Cinematography

  20. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  21. Photo of Bo Welch

    Bo Welch Production Design

  22. Photo of Laurie MacDonald

    Laurie MacDonald Producer

  23. Photo of Walter F. Parkes

    Walter F. Parkes Producer

  24. Photo of G. Mac Brown

    G. Mac Brown Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Steven Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Wayne Wahrman

    Wayne Wahrman Editing

  27. Photo of Don Zimmerman

    Don Zimmerman Editing