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  1. Photo of István Szöts

    István Szöts Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Ferenc Fekete

    Ferenc Fekete Cinematography

  3. Photo of József Bihari

    József Bihari Cast

  4. Photo of Alice Szellay

    Alice Szellay Cast

  5. Photo of Péterke Ferency

    Péterke Ferency Cast

  6. Photo of János Görbe

    János Görbe Cast

  7. Photo of Nándor Bihary

    Nándor Bihary Cast

  8. Photo of Zoltán Kerényi

    Zoltán Kerényi Editing

  9. Photo of Imre Sörés

    Imre Sörés Production Design

  10. Photo of Ferenc Farkas

    Ferenc Farkas Music

  11. Photo of Ferenc Lohr

    Ferenc Lohr Sound