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  1. Photo of István Szabó

    István Szabó Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Klaus Mann

    Klaus Mann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Péter Dobai

    Péter Dobai Screenplay

  4. Photo of Klaus Maria Brandauer

    Klaus Maria Brandauer Cast

  5. Photo of Krystyna Janda

    Krystyna Janda Cast

  6. Photo of Ildikó Bánsági

    Ildikó Bánsági Cast

  7. Photo of Rolf Hoppe

    Rolf Hoppe Cast

  8. Photo of György Cserhalmi

    György Cserhalmi Cast

  9. Photo of Péter Andorai

    Péter Andorai Cast

  10. Photo of Karin Boyd

    Karin Boyd Cast

  11. Photo of Christine Harbort

    Christine Harbort Cast

  12. Photo of Tamás Major

    Tamás Major Cast

  13. Photo of Ildikó Kishonti

    Ildikó Kishonti Cast

  14. Photo of Lajos Koltai

    Lajos Koltai Cinematography

  15. Photo of Zdenkó Tamássy

    Zdenkó Tamássy Music

  16. Photo of Martin Steyer

    Martin Steyer Music

  17. Photo of András Szeredás

    András Szeredás Music

  18. Photo of Manfred Durniok

    Manfred Durniok Producer

  19. Photo of Zsuzsa Csákány

    Zsuzsa Csákány Editing

  20. Photo of György Fék

    György Fék Sound

  21. Photo of Ágnes Gyarmathy

    Ágnes Gyarmathy Costume Design