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  1. Photo of Steve Barron

    Steve Barron Director

  2. Photo of Dyson Lovell

    Dyson Lovell Producer

  3. Photo of Robert Halmi Sr.

    Robert Halmi Sr. Producer

  4. Photo of Edward Khmara

    Edward Khmara Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Stevens

    David Stevens Screenplay

  6. Photo of Peter Barnes

    Peter Barnes Screenplay

  7. Photo of Sergey Kozlov

    Sergey Kozlov Cinematography

  8. Photo of Sam Neill

    Sam Neill Cast

  9. Photo of Miranda Richardson

    Miranda Richardson Cast

  10. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  11. Photo of Isabella Rossellini

    Isabella Rossellini Cast

  12. Photo of Martin Short

    Martin Short Cast

  13. Photo of Lena Headey

    Lena Headey Cast

  14. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  15. Photo of James Earl Jones

    James Earl Jones Cast

  16. Photo of Helena Bonham Carter

    Helena Bonham Carter Cast

  17. Photo of Billie Whitelaw

    Billie Whitelaw Cast