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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Merrill's Marauders

    Oeuvre étonnante, souvent admirable, proche d'une indéniable véracité documentaire qui parvient superbement à retraduire "l'enfer" guerrier de ces combattants pour qui l'héroïsme était leur lot quotidien et la survie problématique...

  2. Endre's rating of the film Merrill's Marauders

    I will not forget the sudden close-up of a tired mule's brisk reaction to the end barrel of a submachine gun, giving the soldier-executioner a quick look at his own conscience - a moment where compassion might kill him as well as save him (and where it might just transcend those consequences). Fuller is good at expressing a kind of unsentimental passion that goes into choices in ambiguous life-and-death-situations.

  3. Craig's rating of the film Merrill's Marauders

    Does this site have actual access to ANY film that you can watch? So far every single film on my "Want to Watch" list is not available

  4. Derek Hill's rating of the film Merrill's Marauders

    "Do you know what I'm going to do after the war? I'm going to get married and have six kids. Then I'm going to line them up and tell them what Burma was like. And if they don't cry, I'll beat the hell out of them."

  5. Altero's rating of the film Merrill's Marauders

    Wounded soldier screams, “Did Lemchek make it? I saw him get hit! Poor Lemchek.” Wounded soldier dies. Medic says, “He’s dead.” General asks, “Did Lemchek make it?” Medic says, “He’s Lemchek.”