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  1. Photo of Sofia Exarchou

    Sofia Exarchou Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dimitris Emmanouil

    Dimitris Emmanouil Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yiannis Papadopoulos

    Yiannis Papadopoulos Cast

  4. Photo of Romanna Lobats

    Romanna Lobats Cast

  5. Photo of Mihalis Sarantis

    Mihalis Sarantis Cast

  6. Photo of Alexis Alexiou

    Alexis Alexiou Cast

  7. Photo of Lena Giaka

    Lena Giaka Cast

  8. Photo of Giannis Gianoulis

    Giannis Gianoulis Cast

  9. Photo of Dimitra Gliotsi

    Dimitra Gliotsi Cast

  10. Photo of Orestis Hatzihiristos

    Orestis Hatzihiristos Cast

  11. Photo of Vasso Kavalieratou

    Vasso Kavalieratou Cast

  12. Photo of Stathis Kokkoris

    Stathis Kokkoris Cast

  13. Photo of Giannis Niaros

    Giannis Niaros Cast

  14. Photo of Giannis Sarakatsanis

    Giannis Sarakatsanis Cast

  15. Photo of Giannis Stravopodis

    Giannis Stravopodis Cast

  16. Photo of Pinelopi Valti

    Pinelopi Valti Cast

  17. Photo of Syllas Tzoumerkas

    Syllas Tzoumerkas Cast

  18. Photo of Dimitris Kasimatis

    Dimitris Kasimatis Cinematography

  19. Photo of Yannis Veslemes

    Yannis Veslemes Music

  20. Photo of Katerina Manolakou

    Katerina Manolakou Production Design

  21. Photo of Elina Psykou

    Elina Psykou Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Yannis Chalkiadakis

    Yannis Chalkiadakis Editing

  23. Photo of Dinos Kittou

    Dinos Kittou Sound