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  1. Photo of Murray Lerner

    Murray Lerner Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Malcolm Gerrie

    Malcolm Gerrie Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Geoff Kempin

    Geoff Kempin Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Avril MacRory

    Avril MacRory Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Rocky Oldham

    Rocky Oldham Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Joan Baez

    Joan Baez Cast

  7. Photo of Donovan

    Donovan Cast

  8. Photo of The Who

    The Who Cast

  9. Photo of Leonard Cohen

    Leonard Cohen Cast

  10. Photo of Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix Cast

  11. Photo of Miles Davis

    Miles Davis Cast

  12. Photo of The Doors

    The Doors Cast

  13. Photo of Free

    Free Cast

  14. Photo of Jethro Tull

    Jethro Tull Cast

  15. Photo of Joni Mitchell

    Joni Mitchell Cast

  16. Photo of Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Cast

  17. Photo of Greg Sheldon

    Greg Sheldon Editing

  18. Photo of Stanley Warnow

    Stanley Warnow Editing

  19. Photo of Einar Westerlund

    Einar Westerlund Editing

  20. Photo of Greg Bailey

    Greg Bailey Sound

  21. Photo of Margaret Crimmins

    Margaret Crimmins Sound

  22. Photo of Rick Dior

    Rick Dior Sound

  23. Photo of Ron Geesin

    Ron Geesin Sound

  24. Photo of Gareth Haywood

    Gareth Haywood Sound

  25. Photo of Paul Hsu

    Paul Hsu Sound

  26. Photo of Mike Lax

    Mike Lax Sound

  27. Photo of Garth Marshal

    Garth Marshal Sound

  28. Photo of Mike McDuffie

    Mike McDuffie Sound

  29. Photo of Colin Richards

    Colin Richards Sound

  30. Photo of Ivan Sharrock

    Ivan Sharrock Sound