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  1. Photo of Vittorio Cottafavi

    Vittorio Cottafavi Director

  2. Photo of Ennio De Concini

    Ennio De Concini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mario Guerra

    Mario Guerra Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carlo Romano

    Carlo Romano Screenplay

  5. Photo of Duccio Tessari

    Duccio Tessari Screenplay

  6. Photo of Belinda Lee

    Belinda Lee Cast

  7. Photo of Spiros Focás

    Spiros Focás Cast

  8. Photo of Carlo Giustini

    Carlo Giustini Cast

  9. Photo of Giancarlo Sbragia

    Giancarlo Sbragia Cast

  10. Photo of Giulio Donnini

    Giulio Donnini Cast

  11. Photo of Arturo Dominici

    Arturo Dominici Cast

  12. Photo of Ida Galli

    Ida Galli Cast

  13. Photo of Marcello Giorda

    Marcello Giorda Cast

  14. Photo of Mino Doro

    Mino Doro Cast

  15. Photo of Annie Gorassini

    Annie Gorassini Cast

  16. Photo of Aroldo Tieri

    Aroldo Tieri Cast

  17. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast

  18. Photo of Lia Angeleri

    Lia Angeleri Cast

  19. Photo of Vittorio Congia

    Vittorio Congia Cast

  20. Photo of Paola Pitagora

    Paola Pitagora Cast

  21. Photo of Spartaco Nale

    Spartaco Nale Cast

  22. Photo of Vladimiro Picciafuochi

    Vladimiro Picciafuochi Cast

  23. Photo of Nando Angelini

    Nando Angelini Cast

  24. Photo of Giorgio Zuccaro

    Giorgio Zuccaro Cast

  25. Photo of Mimmo Poli

    Mimmo Poli Cast

  26. Photo of Bruno Pagliari

    Bruno Pagliari Cast

  27. Photo of Pietro Di Giulio

    Pietro Di Giulio Cast

  28. Photo of Nino Orsini

    Nino Orsini Cast

  29. Photo of Bruno Scipioni

    Bruno Scipioni Cast

  30. Photo of Benito Stefanelli

    Benito Stefanelli Cast

  31. Photo of Calisto Calisti

    Calisto Calisti Cast

  32. Photo of Bruna Cealti

    Bruna Cealti Cast

  33. Photo of Paola Di Mario

    Paola Di Mario Cast

  34. Photo of Alberto Plebani

    Alberto Plebani Cast

  35. Photo of Gilberto Mazzi

    Gilberto Mazzi Cast

  36. Photo of Roberto Caporali

    Roberto Caporali Cast

  37. Photo of Antonio Correri

    Antonio Correri Cast

  38. Photo of Alfio Caltabiano

    Alfio Caltabiano Cast

  39. Photo of Janine Hendy

    Janine Hendy Cast

  40. Photo of Marco Scarpelli

    Marco Scarpelli Cinematography

  41. Photo of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

    Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Music

  42. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Production Design

  43. Photo of Emo Bistolfi

    Emo Bistolfi Producer