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  1. Photo of William Klein

    William Klein Director, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Paco Wiser

    Paco Wiser Cinematography

  3. Photo of Pascal Marti

    Pascal Marti Cinematography

  4. Photo of Françoise Arnaud

    Françoise Arnaud Editing

  5. Photo of Dominique Gaborieau

    Dominique Gaborieau Sound

  6. Photo of Stéphane Reichart

    Stéphane Reichart Sound

  7. Photo of Francis Bonfanti

    Francis Bonfanti Sound

  8. Photo of Sebastian Gutierrez

    Sebastian Gutierrez Cast

  9. Photo of Nick Savalas

    Nick Savalas Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Aznavour

    Charles Aznavour Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Rotman

    Michel Rotman Producer

  12. Photo of George Frideric Handel

    George Frideric Handel Music

  13. Photo of Daniel Edinger

    Daniel Edinger Cast

  14. Photo of Arjun Spinner

    Arjun Spinner Cast