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  1. weinbrandbabsi's rating of the film Metal and Melancholy

    Told mostly from the dense perspective of inside a car, Honigmann follows those struck by the crisis into the everyday life of their streets. She composes wonderfully kind and individual portraits of the drivers, while painting a grim picture of the continuity of economic devastation and instability the country has been torn into. A wonderfully human brilliant piece of work.

  2. In Prague's rating of the film Metal and Melancholy

    3,5 This film’s been on my waitlist for awhile because I saw Peter Delpeut on the production board, a man whose poetic found footage films (some rescued from Amsterdam attics) confess that daintier than beauty is the decay of beauty, its erratic migration beyond the corset of initial form and calculated symmetries; + “Lyrical Nitrate” is among most euphonious extant titles that I know. “Metal & Melancholy” (the alloy

  3. Muzi's rating of the film Metal and Melancholy

    Ver también "El olvido", documental la directora hizo de nuevo en Lima, en 2008.