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  1. Photo of Valeri Fokin

    Valeri Fokin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ivan Popov

    Ivan Popov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yevgeny Mironov

    Yevgeny Mironov Cast

  4. Photo of Igor Kvasha

    Igor Kvasha Cast

  5. Photo of Tatyana Lavrova

    Tatyana Lavrova Cast

  6. Photo of Avangard Leontyev

    Avangard Leontyev Cast

  7. Photo of Natalya Shvets

    Natalya Shvets Cast

  8. Photo of Igor Klebanov

    Igor Klebanov Cinematography

  9. Photo of Aleksandr Bakshi

    Aleksandr Bakshi Music

  10. Photo of Leonid Svintsitsky

    Leonid Svintsitsky Production Design

  11. Photo of Leonid Bits

    Leonid Bits Producer

  12. Photo of Oleg Lerner

    Oleg Lerner Producer

  13. Photo of Igor Pogrebinsky

    Igor Pogrebinsky Producer

  14. Photo of Valentin Bobrovsky

    Valentin Bobrovsky Sound

  15. Photo of Viktor Strokov

    Viktor Strokov Sound

  16. Photo of Natalya Ivanova

    Natalya Ivanova Costume Design