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  1. Photo of André Luiz Oliveira

    André Luiz Oliveira Director, Producer, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antônio Luiz Martins

    Antônio Luiz Martins Cast

  3. Photo of Dulce Bião

    Dulce Bião Cast

  4. Photo of José Wagner

    José Wagner Cast

  5. Photo of Sonia Dias

    Sonia Dias Cast

  6. Photo of Antônio Vianna

    Antônio Vianna Cast

  7. Photo of Marta Mansinho

    Marta Mansinho Cast

  8. Photo of Haydil Linhares

    Haydil Linhares Cast

  9. Photo of Vito Diniz

    Vito Diniz Cinematography

  10. Photo of Galvão

    Galvão Music

  11. Photo of Moraes Moreira

    Moraes Moreira Music

  12. Photo of Marcio Curi

    Marcio Curi Producer and Editing

  13. Photo of Milton Oliveira

    Milton Oliveira Producer

  14. Photo of Celso Muniz

    Celso Muniz Sound