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  1. britney spears's rating of the film Meyer from Berlin

    I've never seen another actor play like Lubitsch does here

  2. FrancoZero's rating of the film Meyer from Berlin

    Star Rating: ★★1/2 Criticker Rating: 9/20

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Meyer from Berlin

    Une rareté bienvenue et précieuse, dont on retrouva une copie "nitrate" seulement en 1989, qui nous permet de savourer les étonnantes prouesses, moins connues d'un Ernst Lubitsch devant la caméra, comme acteur principal, maniant avec dextérité et volubilité, cet extraordinaire humour yiddish, entre dérisoire et grandeur qui a fait le bonheur de bien des spectateurs, sur scène ou sur écran...

  4. suede's rating of the film Meyer from Berlin

    Hastily done comedy, lacking funniness and creativity, with a lazily abrupt finish. Like "Schuhpalast Pinkus", which also stars Ernst himself, this truly is a slight, minor early Lubitsch (in contrast to his magnificent "Austernprinzessin" of the same year, which imaginary experts here amusingly misdescribed as being 'of very minor importance' etc). Still: Thanks, Mubi, for having added this to the database now.