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  1. ig_____or's rating of the film Michael

    I'll try to ignore the silly way in which Michael died - who the heck decides to drive at night with their eyes/face burnt? - and just say that this is one of the creepiest films I've seen recently. All the things you DON'T see and can only imagine...

  2. bitterMoo's rating of the film Michael

  3. Disa's rating of the film Michael

  4. chatsky's rating of the film Michael

    Удивительно как многое страшное режиссер оставляет за кадром, показывая только банальную жизненную рутину.

  5. Elinor Lewy's rating of the film Michael

    Schleinzer seems to have a deep understanding of how people like Michael tick, a very unnerving watch. Glad the film ended where it did and not a few seconds after, that might've been too hard to bear. Great kid acting as well.

  6. eberhard's rating of the film Michael

    Die Atmosphäre ebenso unentrinnbarer wie unspektakulärer systematischer Gewalt, die von Anfang bis Ende auf diesem Film lastet, macht ihn zu einem nahezu unerträglichen Alptraum.

  7. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Michael

  8. FISCHER's rating of the film Michael

    1ère réalisation d'un important directeur de casting viennois, accessoirement aussi acteur dans quelques productions autrichiennes, Markus Schleinzer délivre une oeuvre glaciale et radicale nous enchaînant aux errements maladifs et mortifères d'un pédophile, dans la scrupuleuse description d'une monstruosité banale et méthodique, cruellement ignorée, insoupçonnée par les proches et le voisinage.

  9. Michael Diers's rating of the film Michael

    Die Banalität des Gruseligen wird offenbar: Das Böse lauert unter der braven Maske des Biedermannes! Ein ganz besonderer Film.

  10. Georgiana's rating of the film Michael

  11. Epinephrin's rating of the film Michael

    What a boring film. 90 min and in the end you ask yourself what was the point of spending these minutes in front of the TV set. the film has no closure. the film has no opinion, it doesnt open any disscusions. we know they exist and they look like normal persons. So? What newity brought this film in portraiting the pedophily and the pedophile? No music, no nice cinematograpy, acting was nonexistent.

  12. mike's rating of the film Michael

  13. Peter's rating of the film Michael

  14. Ann Burden's rating of the film Michael

  15. Setya Rahmah's rating of the film Michael

    Merusak mental.. secara goib. Adalah lagu penutup di ending film, yang membuat hati ini terpikat sekaligus ternodai. Jahad!

  16. Laura Natalia's rating of the film Michael

    Es un cine que no es digerible para cualquiera porque muestra la enfermiza sociedad de la que hacemos parte, difícil calificarla.

  17. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Michael

  18. anschyn's rating of the film Michael

    if i could direct a movie, i want it to be like this, by the technique, the cast, and stuff, don't get me wrong another way. this is brilliant.

  19. Warren Spratley's rating of the film Michael

    Though there are a few issues, MICHAEL is primarily made up of distressingly effective decisions. Schleinzer's sense of scene/shot tension--how those car accidents occur, the lateral track following Michael w/ the potential 2nd victim--is just remarkable. By way of directorial choices--the check mark lead-in to main title, the offscreen blocking during the snowball fight--humor is generated without moral compromise.

  20. emlomm's rating of the film Michael

    El componente más perturbador y poderoso de 'Michael' es la cotidianidad con la que se muestra la vida diaria de un pederasta: trabajar en la oficina, ir al supermercado, salir de viaje con los amigos... Dando como resultado una persona que, en el mundo externo, parece de lo más normal. Todo esto con pocos diálogos, y prácticamente ninguno en referencia a la pederastia; aun así es una película perturbadora como pocas

  21. dianasbg's rating of the film Michael

  22. María F. Guerrero's rating of the film Michael

    Characters were very well built and developed, very clever the way it showed us very specific things that we might even consider as very ambiguous and confused our perception of such, even trying to make us empathise at some points or totally despise him, both at the same time, even.

  23. Pavel's rating of the film Michael

  24. Rocío En Ameca's rating of the film Michael

    igual de agobiante que La Habitación. Qué afán de dividir lo femenino de lo masculino, y con razón. Lo que más me gustó de la película fueron los últimos cinco segundos, qué manera de decidir dónde cortar.

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