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  1. Photo of Arthur Penn

    Arthur Penn Director, Producer

  2. Photo of John G. Avildsen

    John G. Avildsen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Alan M. Surgal

    Alan M. Surgal Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ghislain Cloquet

    Ghislain Cloquet Cinematography

  5. Photo of Warren Beatty

    Warren Beatty Cast

  6. Photo of Alexandra Stewart

    Alexandra Stewart Cast

  7. Photo of Hurd Hatfield

    Hurd Hatfield Cast

  8. Photo of Franchot Tone

    Franchot Tone Cast

  9. Photo of Teddy Hart

    Teddy Hart Cast

  10. Photo of Eddie Sauter

    Eddie Sauter Music

  11. Photo of Jeff Corey

    Jeff Corey Cast

  12. Photo of Kamatari Fujiwara

    Kamatari Fujiwara Cast

  13. Photo of Donna Michelle

    Donna Michelle Cast

  14. Photo of Ralph Foody

    Ralph Foody Cast

  15. Photo of Norman Gottschalk

    Norman Gottschalk Cast

  16. Photo of Dick Lucas

    Dick Lucas Cast

  17. Photo of Jack Goodman

    Jack Goodman Cast

  18. Photo of Aram Avakian

    Aram Avakian Editing

  19. Photo of George Jenkins

    George Jenkins Production Design