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  1. Photo of Burny Mattinson

    Burny Mattinson Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tony Marino

    Tony Marino Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ed Gombert

    Ed Gombert Screenplay and Animation

  5. Photo of Don Griffith

    Don Griffith Screenplay and Production Design

  6. Photo of Alan Dinehart

    Alan Dinehart Screenplay

  7. Photo of Alan Young

    Alan Young Cast and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Wayne Allwine

    Wayne Allwine Cast

  9. Photo of Clarence Nash

    Clarence Nash Cast

  10. Photo of Patricia Harris

    Patricia Harris Cast

  11. Photo of Hal Smith

    Hal Smith Cast

  12. Photo of Eddie Carroll

    Eddie Carroll Cast

  13. Photo of Will Ryan

    Will Ryan Cast

  14. Photo of Dick Billingsley

    Dick Billingsley Cast

  15. Photo of Irwin Kostal

    Irwin Kostal Music

  16. Photo of Frederick Searles

    Frederick Searles Music

  17. Photo of Armetta Jackson-Hamlett

    Armetta Jackson-Hamlett Editing

  18. Photo of James Melton

    James Melton Editing

  19. Photo of Robert Hathaway

    Robert Hathaway Sound

  20. Photo of Glen Keane

    Glen Keane Animation

  21. Photo of Mark Henn

    Mark Henn Animation

  22. Photo of Randy Cartright

    Randy Cartright Animation

  23. Photo of Dale Baer

    Dale Baer Animation

  24. Photo of David Block

    David Block Animation

  25. Photo of John Lasseter

    John Lasseter Animation