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  1. Photo of Delbert Mann

    Delbert Mann Director

  2. Photo of Paddy Chayefsky

    Paddy Chayefsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fredric March

    Fredric March Cast

  4. Photo of Kim Novak

    Kim Novak Cast

  5. Photo of Glenda Farrell

    Glenda Farrell Cast

  6. Photo of Albert Dekker

    Albert Dekker Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Balsam

    Martin Balsam Cast

  8. Photo of Lee Grant

    Lee Grant Cast

  9. Photo of Lee Philips

    Lee Philips Cast

  10. Photo of Edith Meiser

    Edith Meiser Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Copeland

    Joan Copeland Cast

  12. Photo of Betty Walker

    Betty Walker Cast

  13. Photo of Lou Gilbert

    Lou Gilbert Cast

  14. Photo of Rudy Bond

    Rudy Bond Cast

  15. Photo of Effie Afton

    Effie Afton Cast

  16. Photo of Jan Norris

    Jan Norris Cast

  17. Photo of David Ford

    David Ford Cast

  18. Photo of Joseph C. Brun

    Joseph C. Brun Cinematography

  19. Photo of George Bassman

    George Bassman Music

  20. Photo of Leo Kerz

    Leo Kerz Production Design

  21. Photo of George Justin

    George Justin Producer

  22. Photo of Carl Lerner

    Carl Lerner Editing

  23. Photo of Richard Gramaglia

    Richard Gramaglia Sound

  24. Photo of Dick Vorisek

    Dick Vorisek Sound

  25. Photo of Jean Louis

    Jean Louis Costume Design

  26. Photo of Frank L. Thompson

    Frank L. Thompson Costume Design