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  1. Photo of Alan Parker

    Alan Parker Director

  2. Photo of Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone Screenplay

  3. Photo of Billy Hayes

    Billy Hayes Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Hoffer

    William Hoffer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Brad Davis

    Brad Davis Cast

  6. Photo of Randy Quaid

    Randy Quaid Cast

  7. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  8. Photo of Irene Miracle

    Irene Miracle Cast

  9. Photo of Bo Hopkins

    Bo Hopkins Cast

  10. Photo of Norbert Weisser

    Norbert Weisser Cast

  11. Photo of Paolo Bonacelli

    Paolo Bonacelli Cast

  12. Photo of Paul L. Smith

    Paul L. Smith Cast

  13. Photo of Mike Kellin

    Mike Kellin Cast

  14. Photo of Franco Diogene

    Franco Diogene Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Ensign

    Michael Ensign Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Seresin

    Michael Seresin Cinematography

  17. Photo of Giorgio Moroder

    Giorgio Moroder Music

  18. Photo of Geoffrey Kirkland

    Geoffrey Kirkland Production Design

  19. Photo of Alan Marshall

    Alan Marshall Producer

  20. Photo of David Puttnam

    David Puttnam Producer

  21. Photo of Peter Guber

    Peter Guber Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Gerry Hambling

    Gerry Hambling Editing