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Woody Allen returns to form with one of his best picks for leading actor ever

By Henrik Schunk on January 13, 2012

A pleasant film and Allen’s highest grossing so far but by far not his best, although it will make it easier for him to continue film making the way he wants to it. Many say this is a return to form and it might very well be because the whole time-travel shenanigans reminds me a lot about the surrealism behind Sleeper, one of my favourite Woody films. Out of all the Woody Allen lookalikes, Owen Wilson might be the best one. His awkwardness is deeply rooted and ingenious instead of just being based in social insecurity and random bumbling about. However, despite the good dialogue and setting, the film lacks a few more interesting characters and is more or less a very reflective and focused journey of one man who discovers things about himself and his life while walking the dreamy streets of Paris. It is fun to see the Cameos, but the film felt utterly episodic and although Owen Wilson’s character interested me, I wished that the other characters would have more depth instead of just representing specific parts of Wilson’s life and situation in the same. Therefore, this movie never shot over the mark for me but entertained me nonetheless, although I think there was more potential there. Take that and gorgeous costumes and music (both OST and songs) and you have youself some sophisticated and fine Woody Allen.