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  1. Photo of Martin Brest

    Martin Brest Director and Producer

  2. Photo of William S. Gilmore

    William S. Gilmore Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Dan York

    Dan York Executive Producer

  4. Photo of George Gallo

    George Gallo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Donald E. Thorin

    Donald E. Thorin Cinematography

  6. Photo of Robert De Niro

    Robert De Niro Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Grodin

    Charles Grodin Cast

  8. Photo of Yaphet Kotto

    Yaphet Kotto Cast

  9. Photo of John Ashton

    John Ashton Cast

  10. Photo of Dennis Farina

    Dennis Farina Cast

  11. Photo of Joe Pantoliano

    Joe Pantoliano Cast

  12. Photo of Chris Lebenzon

    Chris Lebenzon Editing

  13. Photo of Michael Tronick

    Michael Tronick Editing

  14. Photo of Billy Weber

    Billy Weber Editing

  15. Photo of Angelo P. Graham

    Angelo P. Graham Production Design

  16. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  17. Photo of Richard Foronjy

    Richard Foronjy Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Miranda

    Robert Miranda Cast

  19. Photo of Jack Kehoe

    Jack Kehoe Cast

  20. Photo of Wendy Phillips

    Wendy Phillips Cast

  21. Photo of Danielle DuClos

    Danielle DuClos Cast

  22. Photo of Philip Baker Hall

    Philip Baker Hall Cast

  23. Photo of Tom McCleister

    Tom McCleister Cast

  24. Photo of Mary Gillis

    Mary Gillis Cast

  25. Photo of John Toles-Bey

    John Toles-Bey Cast