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  1. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Midnight's Children

    The stiffness of the narrative along with Deepa Mehta’s extreme delicacy on direction smothered the tense situations, making “Midnight’s Children” less riveting than it should be and very far from the epic that it dreamed to become. Full Review and Rating:

  2.'s rating of the film Midnight's Children

    Salman Rushdie provides the backcloth for an epic sweep through the twentieth century history of India. A sense of music and magic realism leaps out of this tale of two babies that are swapped at the midnight hour on the eve of Indian independence. It captures the speed of change, the colours and emotions as people are forced to leave their homes and families and become richer and poorer in equal measure.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Midnight's Children

    Mehta, best known for the elemental trilogy, is the perfect choice for this adaptation of the '81 Salmon Rushdie novel. Her knack for historical potrayal and melodrama serves Rushdie well in this self adaptated script. Production detail is flawless and the only drawbacks are some story details where the novel fell short as well. The magic realism and depiction of PM Gandhi will turn some off despite its strengths.

  4. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Midnight's Children

  5. Andre Rehal's rating of the film Midnight's Children

    I never read the book so I didn't have it as a frame of reference but I was taken back by the fantastical elements of the story. I enjoyed it for the most part the production design and the cinematography were definite high points but the whole Saleem/India allegory was a little heavy handed at times.

  6. Adam Cross's rating of the film Midnight's Children

    I felt very confused towards the end of the film, I feel like this film should've been broken up into a trilogy or a two part at least because this wasn't very well put together! too much detail crammed into too little time and it felt very rushed - some performances weren't particularly great either. Such a shame because this could've been absolutely fantastic.