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Uma sinfonia de perfeição intemporal.

Picture of Ricardo Branco

Ricardo Branco


Eu já amava a Evan Rachel Wood, depois disto ela parece-me ainda mais perfeita. Ainda não vi o original, é melhor calar-me entretanto. A personagem cai como uma luva na Kate Winslet, queremos sempre vê-la a sofrer, chorar e gritar não é?

Picture of Marcelo Pereira

Marcelo Pereira


Still hypnotized by Evan Rachel Wood's perfomance... What an incredible young actress.

Picture of Danka Gegotek

Danka Gegotek


kate: just a little bit over-dramatic

Picture of David M.K.

David M.K.



Picture of Scotch



I have to say, I've never before been so enraged by a character (Mildred's daughter, Veda) that I applauded child abuse. Spank that bitch down, Kate! A very different film, truer to the novel (though at times weakened by it), that grows stronger in the final parts. A little ridiculous, as most melodramas are, but it's carried by the incredible acting. I heart Kate Winslet. I'm never having kids. haha

Picture of T. J. Harman

T. J. Harman


In the end this series is as much a critique of the romantizing of breeding as it is of capitalism.

Picture of This is Jake Kath

This is Jake Kath


I was almost completely turned off by this because we had to watch the making of in Production Design class and it bored me so fucking much. I'm so glad I gave it a second shot! Kate Winslet's performance is near perfection, really makes you want to be miserable with her. While I thought Todd Haynes created a great rock song with Far From Heaven, this is his symphony! And you really feel the betrayal at the end.

Picture of Lars Ole Kristiansen

Lars Ole Kristiansen


Not the masterpiece I was expecting from Haynes after his extravagant pastiche "Far From Heaven", but still a wonderfully old-fashioned film. Kate Winslet is good, but Evan Rachel Wood steals the show as Veda - the most hideous spoiled brat in the history of cinema. Michael Curtiz' original is still far and away the best version of "Mildred Pierce", but Haynes' mini series is at least a worthy companion piece.

Picture of Martin Sichetti

Martin Sichetti


Absolutely brilliant and most perfect performing of Kate Winslet.

Picture of Johnny



I keep wondering why people continue to cast Evan Rachel Wood..

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Check out our Podcast review of Mildred Pierce here:

Picture of la chinoise

la chinoise


Winslet and Wood: brilliant!

Picture of Ademption



98% faithful to the novel.

Picture of Brandon Isaacson

Brandon Isaacson


So far I've seen 4/5 parts. The visual detail is spectacular but I find the story disappointing. I'm only slightly engaged with Mildred's character... so overall while I find it visually impressive, the content doesn't justify the mini-series format to me. It either should've been shorter (a movie or tv/HBO movie) or it should've been a TV show. I definitely think this story could carry over numerous tv seasons

Picture of Renan Lazzarin

Renan Lazzarin


It has superb moments in which its fantastic cast shines inceasantly, but it does find some trouble to keep the rythm in the last two parts. Still, the result is terrific. The soundtrack is yet another masterpiece to be taken into account in Carter Burwell's already marvel-packed curriculum.

Picture of RENO NISMARA.



this mini-series has one of the best climactic scenes i've seen in a while and unfortunately also the most "whaddafuck!?" ending scene.

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Magnificently acted, beautifully shot and wonderfully directed, Todd Haynes' Mildred Pierce is a well-done epic that takes a while to get going but once the last two parts get going are well worth the trip. It probably could've been chopped down to 4 instead of 5 parts but it didn't have to resort to sensationalism the way the 1945 version did. This version's definitely a commitment but well worth it.

Picture of Deadeye Thom

Deadeye Thom


Overall, rather pedestrian. The source material being pretty thin to begin with, one wonders why all involved thought it fit to stretch it out even thinner. A nagging bore, this.

Picture of Andrés Pff

Andrés Pff


maybe i didnt like it as much as i wanted to because i was expecting waaaaaay too much. i didnt like kates mildred, she was too plain nor very driven, its almost like she got all the money by chance. a very weak woman. woods veda was too forced. the 1945 version was way better, and i agree even more modern than this one. the ending and the costumes is what made this film decent.