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  1. Photo of Véra Belmont

    Véra Belmont Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Louis Garfinkle

    Louis Garfinkle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marie-Geneviève Ripeau

    Marie-Geneviève Ripeau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jana Cerna

    Jana Cerna Screenplay

  5. Photo of Linda Gutenberg

    Linda Gutenberg Producer

  6. Photo of Claude Léger

    Claude Léger Producer

  7. Photo of Jean-Marie Sénia

    Jean-Marie Sénia Music

  8. Photo of Dietrich Lohmann

    Dietrich Lohmann Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jean Beaudoin

    Jean Beaudoin Editing

  10. Photo of Martine Giordano

    Martine Giordano Editing

  11. Photo of Yves Langlois

    Yves Langlois Editing

  12. Photo of Barbara Zittwitz

    Barbara Zittwitz Editing

  13. Photo of Jacques Bufnoir

    Jacques Bufnoir Production Design

  14. Photo of Valérie Kaprisky

    Valérie Kaprisky Cast

  15. Photo of Stacy Keach

    Stacy Keach Cast

  16. Photo of Gudrun Landgrebe

    Gudrun Landgrebe Cast

  17. Photo of Nick Mancuso

    Nick Mancuso Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Gallagher

    Peter Gallagher Cast

  19. Photo of Yves Jacques

    Yves Jacques Cast

  20. Photo of Jacques Penot

    Jacques Penot Cast

  21. Photo of Jeanne Marine

    Jeanne Marine Cast

  22. Photo of Philip Anglim

    Philip Anglim Cast

  23. Photo of Philippe Caroit

    Philippe Caroit Cast

  24. Photo of Pierre Romans

    Pierre Romans Cast

  25. Photo of Sandrine Kiberlain

    Sandrine Kiberlain Cast