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  1. Photo of Giorgio Ferroni

    Giorgio Ferroni Director

  2. Photo of Riley Jackson

    Riley Jackson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robert Patrick

    Robert Patrick Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Giampaolo Bigazzi

    Giampaolo Bigazzi Producer

  5. Photo of Remigio Del Grosso

    Remigio Del Grosso Screenplay

  6. Photo of Giorgio Ferroni

    Giorgio Ferroni Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ugo Liberatore

    Ugo Liberatore Screenplay

  8. Photo of Giorgio Stegani

    Giorgio Stegani Screenplay

  9. Photo of Pieter van Weigen

    Pieter van Weigen Story

  10. Photo of Pier Ludovico Pavoni

    Pier Ludovico Pavoni Cinematography

  11. Photo of Pierre Brice

    Pierre Brice Cast

  12. Photo of Scilla Gabel

    Scilla Gabel Cast

  13. Photo of Wolfgang Preiss

    Wolfgang Preiss Cast

  14. Photo of Dany Carrel

    Dany Carrel Cast

  15. Photo of Herbert A.E. Bohme

    Herbert A.E. Bohme Cast

  16. Photo of Liana Orfei

    Liana Orfei Cast

  17. Photo of Marco Guglielmi

    Marco Guglielmi Cast

  18. Photo of Olga Solbelli

    Olga Solbelli Cast

  19. Photo of Alberto Archetti

    Alberto Archetti Cast

  20. Photo of Antonietta Zita

    Antonietta Zita Editing

  21. Photo of Arrigo Equini

    Arrigo Equini Production Design

  22. Photo of Carlo Innocenzi

    Carlo Innocenzi Music

  23. Photo of Jacques Bonpunt

    Jacques Bonpunt Sound

  24. Photo of Charles Kornel

    Charles Kornel Producer

  25. Photo of Umberto Picistrelli

    Umberto Picistrelli Sound