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  1. Photo of Emanuel Gregers

    Emanuel Gregers Director

  2. Photo of Fleming Lynge

    Fleming Lynge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marguerite Viby

    Marguerite Viby Cast

  4. Photo of Aage Fønss

    Aage Fønss Cast

  5. Photo of Sigurd Langberg

    Sigurd Langberg Cast

  6. Photo of Sonja Steincke

    Sonja Steincke Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Garland

    Maria Garland Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Nielsen

    Peter Nielsen Cast

  9. Photo of Erika Voigt

    Erika Voigt Cast

  10. Photo of Else-Marie

    Else-Marie Cast

  11. Photo of Tudlik Johansen

    Tudlik Johansen Cast

  12. Photo of John Price

    John Price Cast

  13. Photo of Arthur Jensen

    Arthur Jensen Cast

  14. Photo of Karen Petersen

    Karen Petersen Cast

  15. Photo of Einar Olsen

    Einar Olsen Cinematography

  16. Photo of Kai Normann Andersen

    Kai Normann Andersen Music

  17. Photo of Christian Hansen

    Christian Hansen Production Design

  18. Photo of L. Mathiesen

    L. Mathiesen Production Design

  19. Photo of Valdemar Christensen

    Valdemar Christensen Editing

  20. Photo of Carl H. Petersen

    Carl H. Petersen Editing and Sound

  21. Photo of H. Lynge

    H. Lynge Sound