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  1. Photo of Branko Bauer

    Branko Bauer Director

  2. Photo of Arsen Diklić

    Arsen Diklić Screenplay

  3. Photo of Metka Gabrijelčič

    Metka Gabrijelčič Cast

  4. Photo of Vladimir Bačić

    Vladimir Bačić Cast

  5. Photo of Relja Bašić

    Relja Bašić Cast

  6. Photo of Radovan Vučković

    Radovan Vučković Cast

  7. Photo of Zlatko Lukman

    Zlatko Lukman Cast

  8. Photo of Branko Belina

    Branko Belina Cast

  9. Photo of Igor Rogulja

    Igor Rogulja Cast

  10. Photo of Stjepan Pišek

    Stjepan Pišek Cast

  11. Photo of Kolja Carević

    Kolja Carević Cast

  12. Photo of Ivo Pajic

    Ivo Pajic Cast

  13. Photo of Vladimir Pogačić

    Vladimir Pogačić Cast

  14. Photo of Branko Blazina

    Branko Blazina Cinematography

  15. Photo of Boris Papandopulo

    Boris Papandopulo Music

  16. Photo of Zelimir Zagotta

    Zelimir Zagotta Production Design

  17. Photo of Lida Braniš

    Lida Braniš Editing

  18. Photo of Marijan Tomazetić

    Marijan Tomazetić Sound

  19. Photo of Saša Lhotka

    Saša Lhotka Sound

  20. Photo of Tea Stefančić

    Tea Stefančić Costume Design