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  1. Erik F.'s rating of the film Mimosas

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Mimosas

    3.6* More beauty than content but that's ok.

  3. Nicole's rating of the film Mimosas

    Well that film blew me the fuck away, yes it did. The storytelling, something kind of Gilliam-esque about it, the dreamlike quality that isn't obvious but rather crawls up on you and hen lingers. The way the moods rise in this are poetic, fluid for a journey such as this. And I've never seen a spiritual journey like this depicted in such a way before. This is the film I needed to see right now.

  4. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Mimosas

    A meditative pilgrimage that crosses parallel landscapes of waking life, myth and imagination. The film reveals life as a many layered tapestry of narratives proceeding toward either spiritual resolution or confusion and ultimately death. Here the mountains and desert are vast slates across which the actors in our personal dramas wander as both observers and protagonists.

  5. zubee's rating of the film Mimosas

    Great looking scenery for Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. They should have taken the script wholesale as this one is pitiful.

  6. muse_x's rating of the film Mimosas

    [spoiler alert] They have Godot,

  7. Adam GR's rating of the film Mimosas

    The mimosa flower can symbolize philosophy, expansion, travel, and mourning. If Meek's Cutoff and David Lynch had a Moroccan baby. Mauro Herce's 16mm photography called upon Todd AO glory days. The narrative fuses different planes of existence in a seamless yet remarkable way, knowing when to breathe and be silent. Oliver Laxe intrigues me greatly as a storyteller. An austere, Biblically beautiful location.

  8. rgarrettrun's rating of the film Mimosas

    Oliver Laxe did a nice job with the location and scenery in the Atlas Mountains, but the film lacks the narrative and cinematic elements that make a good film. The film has some beautiful shots, but lacks the cinematography and editing to connect to the audience.

  9. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Mimosas

    3 and a half tests of worthy souls.

  10. Superfrog's rating of the film Mimosas

    probably something mystic hiding behind the well shot scenes that do not seem to mesh together too well. I am a bit lost, I could swear a dead man is randomly alive in there.

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Mimosas

    Slow and intermittently interesting, Oliver Laxe just didn't do enough with the direction of this picture to really draw me in as I wanted. It is, however, am enjoyably unique riff on some standard movie tropes.

  12. Zachariah Rigby's rating of the film Mimosas

    Amazing visuals and soundtrack, but little underneath. Shakib ben Omar is magnetically compelling.

  13. keithinhull's rating of the film Mimosas

    A strange oil indeed but at times stunning to watch

  14. SiIencio's rating of the film Mimosas

    Laxe was certainly aware of Tommy Lee Jones' The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Mimosas is an uninspired and unaccomplished copy with a pretension for mysticism and the so often sought-after mesmerising shots as a substitute for lyrical interpretation. Posing against the imposing backdrop of the Atlas mountains is easy but Laxe lacks the vision to deliver something more than just a beautiful postcard.

  15. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Mimosas

    Beautiful stone-strewn mountains, green-blue meltwater rivers, inhospitable remote places. A simple story in essence but very well told. Took place in two worlds, most of it could be almost any century, but there were brief forays into the modern world as well. Almost worth five stars, but I struggled with the ending a bit.

  16. A.K's rating of the film Mimosas

  17. Juan Soto's rating of the film Mimosas

    The uncertainty of the landscape and the spirituality.

  18. matelot's rating of the film Mimosas

  19. Genadijus L.'s rating of the film Mimosas

    Beautifully shot, interesting parallels between religion, cultural identities, but directing and editing don't create exceptional cinematic experience. This is a typical critically beloved movie which doesn't connect with general audiences.

  20. Freude's rating of the film Mimosas

  21. Lewis Taylor's rating of the film Mimosas

    An enigmatic quest across the Atlas Mountains mesmerises and disorientates in equal measures in Laxe's boundless exploration of faith, landscape and tradition. The exquisite 16mm photography and soundscape carve a rich viewing experience as oblique as it is rewarding; you just have to be prepared to abandon any hope of an answer to the questions the film raises.

  22. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Mimosas

    I've seen mostly only weird-faces people walking, and walking, and sometimes saying pseudo-spiritual muslim bullshits

  23. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Mimosas

    7/10 Dans les montagnes inhospitalières du Maroc, trois hommes unissent leurs forces pour ramener la dépouille d'un cheikh à ses proches. Avec ses airs de western métaphysique, ce périple contemplatif empreint de religion se révèle envoûtant. Chronique complète à lire sur Citazine :

  24. Daniella Hervert's rating of the film Mimosas