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  1. Photo of Peter Sasdy

    Peter Sasdy Director

  2. Photo of Roy Ward Baker

    Roy Ward Baker Director

  3. Photo of James Gatward

    James Gatward Director

  4. Photo of Francis Megahy

    Francis Megahy Director

  5. Photo of Mike Vardy

    Mike Vardy Director

  6. Photo of Ian Toynton

    Ian Toynton Director and Producer

  7. Photo of Tom Clegg

    Tom Clegg Director

  8. Photo of Christopher Menaul

    Christopher Menaul Director

  9. Photo of Martin Campbell

    Martin Campbell Director

  10. Photo of Ian Sharp

    Ian Sharp Director

  11. Photo of Dennis Abey

    Dennis Abey Director

  12. Photo of Terry Green

    Terry Green Director

  13. Photo of Robert Young

    Robert Young Director

  14. Photo of James Hill

    James Hill Director

  15. Photo of Roger Bamford

    Roger Bamford Director

  16. Photo of Diarmuid Lawrence

    Diarmuid Lawrence Director

  17. Photo of William Brayne

    William Brayne Director

  18. Photo of Lawrence Gordon Clark

    Lawrence Gordon Clark Director

  19. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  20. Photo of Gordon Flemyng

    Gordon Flemyng Director

  21. Photo of Richard Standeven

    Richard Standeven Director

  22. Photo of Keith Washington

    Keith Washington Director

  23. Photo of Alister Hallum

    Alister Hallum Director

  24. Photo of Derek Banham

    Derek Banham Director

  25. Photo of Charles Beeson

    Charles Beeson Director

  26. Photo of Baz Taylor

    Baz Taylor Director

  27. Photo of A.J. Quinn

    A.J. Quinn Director

  28. Photo of John Reardon

    John Reardon Director

  29. Photo of John Stroud

    John Stroud Director

  30. Photo of Leon Griffiths

    Leon Griffiths Screenplay

  31. Photo of Tony Hoare

    Tony Hoare Screenplay

  32. Photo of Andrew Payne

    Andrew Payne Screenplay

  33. Photo of David Yallop

    David Yallop Screenplay

  34. Photo of Willis Hall

    Willis Hall Screenplay

  35. Photo of Bernard Dempsey

    Bernard Dempsey Screenplay

  36. Photo of Paul Wheeler

    Paul Wheeler Screenplay

  37. Photo of Dave Humphries

    Dave Humphries Screenplay

  38. Photo of William Ivory

    William Ivory Screenplay

  39. Photo of Kevin Sperring

    Kevin Sperring Screenplay

  40. Photo of Jeremy Burnham

    Jeremy Burnham Screenplay

  41. Photo of Murray Smith

    Murray Smith Screenplay

  42. Photo of Geoffrey Case

    Geoffrey Case Screenplay

  43. Photo of Tony Jordan

    Tony Jordan Screenplay

  44. Photo of Stanley Price

    Stanley Price Screenplay

  45. Photo of Trevor Preston

    Trevor Preston Screenplay

  46. Photo of Kevin Clarke

    Kevin Clarke Screenplay

  47. Photo of Liane Aukin

    Liane Aukin Screenplay

  48. Photo of Alan Janes

    Alan Janes Screenplay

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