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  1. Photo of Bernt Amadeus Capra

    Bernt Amadeus Capra Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Klaus Lintschinger

    Klaus Lintschinger Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Adrianna A.J. Cohen

    Adrianna A.J. Cohen Producer

  4. Photo of Robin Holding

    Robin Holding Producer

  5. Photo of Stephanie Moore

    Stephanie Moore Producer

  6. Photo of Floyd Byars

    Floyd Byars Screenplay

  7. Photo of Fritjof Capra

    Fritjof Capra Screenplay

  8. Photo of Karl Kases

    Karl Kases Cinematography

  9. Photo of Liv Ullmann

    Liv Ullmann Cast

  10. Photo of Sam Waterston

    Sam Waterston Cast

  11. Photo of John Heard

    John Heard Cast

  12. Photo of Ione Skye

    Ione Skye Cast

  13. Photo of Emmanuel Montes

    Emmanuel Montes Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Boursin

    Jean Boursin Cast

  15. Photo of Gabrielle Danchick

    Gabrielle Danchick Cast

  16. Photo of Jeanne Van Phue

    Jeanne Van Phue Cast

  17. Photo of Penny White

    Penny White Cast

  18. Photo of Jean-Claude Piroué

    Jean-Claude Piroué Editing

  19. Photo of Corey Kaplan

    Corey Kaplan Production Design

  20. Photo of Philip Glass

    Philip Glass Music

  21. Photo of Rainer Wiehr

    Rainer Wiehr Sound

  22. Photo of Bambi Breakstone

    Bambi Breakstone Costume Design