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  1. B o g d a n's rating of the film Mindwalk

  2. C҉ă҉t҉ă҉l҉i҉n҉'s rating of the film Mindwalk

    best movie about how deluded pseudo-talk makes asshats like richard dawkins take themselves too seriously

  3. Bogdan Liviu's rating of the film Mindwalk

    "«I walked around like you investigating the endless star. And in my net, during the night, I woke up naked. The only thing caught? A fish, trapped inside the wind.» (...) But remember... life-life-life is infinitely more than yours or my obtuse theories about it. Life feels itself! Life feels itself! (...) Water! What a day! What a day!" I filmed my favourite scene here:

  4. Uncanny Utopia's rating of the film Mindwalk

    because "Everybody's got a torture chamber now. They don't even notice. Are you gunna say this is a part of your crisis of perception too?"

  5. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Mindwalk

    I love conversation films like this or Rohmer's stuff. A conversation can be a film though many would disagree.

  6. Obient's rating of the film Mindwalk

    If you're interested to see a kind of minimalist film. Try this one. Similar to 'My Dinner with Andre', but it's 3 persons in a conversation, especially ecological topics.