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  1. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Ming Green

  2. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Ming Green

    I keep revisiting his work thinking I will eventually become a fan, as he is one of universally accepted masters of moving image; but I always leave disappointed and cold. Something about his work I just don't connect with; I don't think his films are bad, but I can never find myself enjoying or liking his form.

  3. José Neves's rating of the film Ming Green

    Portrait of an intimate space that the wonders of visual editing and the intelligent use of silence and music, transports (as a transfer) what could be a personal ambit to an individual cosmogony of the world, in a world. In little time, a film that shows the beauty of a look, when it exists: overlaps that induce a transforming plasticity, a chant that inhabits, as if a dream was dreaming us.

  4. Diaconu Ioana's rating of the film Ming Green

  5. In Prague's rating of the film Ming Green

    Ming Green plays like a compressed intro to W. Schroeter’s igneous Der Rosenkönig - two camera-poems rippling with sanguine reds, fleur-de-chair roses and operatic vocals. A breeze from the still (but inscribed with traces of past presences akin to a vibrating palimpsest) room in J.C. Rousseau’s Les Antiquités de Rome drifts in through the swollen curtain and coils as an auburn cat below the upturned, red and clawed

  6. Doc Block's rating of the film Ming Green

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