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  1. Photo of Costas Zapas

    Costas Zapas Director, Editing, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antonis Papadopoulos

    Antonis Papadopoulos Cast

  3. Photo of Marlen Saites

    Marlen Saites Cast

  4. Photo of Alexandros Tountas

    Alexandros Tountas Cast

  5. Photo of Georgos Tzavaras

    Georgos Tzavaras Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Koulouri

    Maria Koulouri Cast

  7. Photo of Giorgos Gionis

    Giorgos Gionis Cast

  8. Photo of Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly Cast

  9. Photo of Christos Vernikos

    Christos Vernikos Cast

  10. Photo of Alexandros Michaelides

    Alexandros Michaelides Cast

  11. Photo of Andonis Panos

    Andonis Panos Cast

  12. Photo of Lambrini Karageorgou

    Lambrini Karageorgou Cast

  13. Photo of Sofia Pavlou

    Sofia Pavlou Cast

  14. Photo of Dimitris Galanis

    Dimitris Galanis Cast

  15. Photo of Vangelis Foundas

    Vangelis Foundas Cast

  16. Photo of Yannis Stasinos

    Yannis Stasinos Cast

  17. Photo of Gregory Athanasiou

    Gregory Athanasiou Producer

  18. Photo of Jason Arvanitakis

    Jason Arvanitakis Editing

  19. Photo of Ilias Flammos

    Ilias Flammos Sound