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  1. Photo of Henri-Georges Clouzot

    Henri-Georges Clouzot Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gaston Armand de Caillavet

    Gaston Armand de Caillavet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert de Flers

    Robert de Flers Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Ferry

    Jean Ferry Screenplay

  5. Photo of Louis Jouvet

    Louis Jouvet Cast

  6. Photo of Bourvil

    Bourvil Cast

  7. Photo of Saturnin Fabre

    Saturnin Fabre Cast

  8. Photo of Danièle Delorme

    Danièle Delorme Cast

  9. Photo of Mireille Perrey

    Mireille Perrey Cast

  10. Photo of Pauline Carton

    Pauline Carton Cast

  11. Photo of Jeanne Fusier-Gir

    Jeanne Fusier-Gir Cast

  12. Photo of Madeleine Suffel

    Madeleine Suffel Cast

  13. Photo of Maurice Schutz

    Maurice Schutz Cast

  14. Photo of Pierre Olaf

    Pierre Olaf Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Barge

    Paul Barge Cast

  16. Photo of Jean Berton

    Jean Berton Cast

  17. Photo of Philippe Nicaud

    Philippe Nicaud Cast

  18. Photo of Louis Seigner

    Louis Seigner Cast

  19. Photo of Louis Née

    Louis Née Cinematography

  20. Photo of Armand Thirard

    Armand Thirard Cinematography

  21. Photo of Albert Lasry

    Albert Lasry Music

  22. Photo of Georges Wakhévitch

    Georges Wakhévitch Production Design and Costume Design

  23. Photo of Monique Kirsanoff

    Monique Kirsanoff Editing

  24. Photo of William Robert Sivel

    William Robert Sivel Sound