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  1. Photo of Antoni Bednarczyk

    Antoni Bednarczyk Director

  2. Photo of Zbigniew Gniazdowski

    Zbigniew Gniazdowski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jadwiga Smosarska

    Jadwiga Smosarska Cast

  4. Photo of Anna Belina

    Anna Belina Cast

  5. Photo of Wladyslaw Grabowski

    Wladyslaw Grabowski Cast

  6. Photo of Edmund Gasinski

    Edmund Gasinski Cast

  7. Photo of Leonard Boncza-Stepinski

    Leonard Boncza-Stepinski Cast

  8. Photo of Stefan Jaracz

    Stefan Jaracz Cast

  9. Photo of Zygmunt Chmielewski

    Zygmunt Chmielewski Cast

  10. Photo of Kazimierz Junosza-Stepowski

    Kazimierz Junosza-Stepowski Cast

  11. Photo of Honorata Leszczynska

    Honorata Leszczynska Cast

  12. Photo of Jerzy Leszczynski

    Jerzy Leszczynski Cast

  13. Photo of Wincenty Rapacki Sr.

    Wincenty Rapacki Sr. Cast

  14. Photo of Stanislaw Sebel

    Stanislaw Sebel Cinematography

  15. Photo of Borowski

    Borowski Production Design

  16. Photo of Józef Galewski

    Józef Galewski Production Design

  17. Photo of Ewelina Librowicz-Mucharska

    Ewelina Librowicz-Mucharska Production Design