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  1. Photo of Jack Kemp

    Jack Kemp Director

  2. Photo of Vincent Valentini

    Vincent Valentini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hilda Offley

    Hilda Offley Cast

  4. Photo of Sheila Guyse

    Sheila Guyse Cast

  5. Photo of Kenneth Freeman

    Kenneth Freeman Cast

  6. Photo of William Greaves

    William Greaves Cast

  7. Photo of Sybil Lewis

    Sybil Lewis Cast

  8. Photo of Creighton Thompson

    Creighton Thompson Cast

  9. Photo of Laurence Criner

    Laurence Criner Cast

  10. Photo of Jack Carter

    Jack Carter Cast

  11. Photo of Milton Williams

    Milton Williams Cast

  12. Photo of Monte Hawley

    Monte Hawley Cast

  13. Photo of Rubie Blakey

    Rubie Blakey Cast

  14. Photo of Juanita Hall

    Juanita Hall Cast

  15. Photo of Stepin Fetchit

    Stepin Fetchit Cast

  16. Photo of Don Malkames

    Don Malkames Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jack Goldberg

    Jack Goldberg Producer

  18. Photo of David Goldberg

    David Goldberg Producer

  19. Photo of Don Drucker

    Don Drucker Editing