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  1. Photo of Liliana Betti

    Liliana Betti Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giovanna Caico

    Giovanna Caico Screenplay

  3. Photo of Enrico Oldoini

    Enrico Oldoini Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Bernardino Zapponi

    Bernardino Zapponi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Claudia Koll

    Claudia Koll Cast

  6. Photo of Athina Cenci

    Athina Cenci Cast

  7. Photo of Renato Pozzetto

    Renato Pozzetto Cast

  8. Photo of Ezio Greggio

    Ezio Greggio Cast

  9. Photo of Nino Frassica

    Nino Frassica Cast

  10. Photo of Cecilia Dazzi

    Cecilia Dazzi Cast

  11. Photo of Carlotta Natoli

    Carlotta Natoli Cast

  12. Photo of Anna Falchi

    Anna Falchi Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Amelia Monti

    Maria Amelia Monti Cast

  14. Photo of Dario Bandiera

    Dario Bandiera Cast

  15. Photo of Tony Sperandeo

    Tony Sperandeo Cast

  16. Photo of Cristina Garavaglia

    Cristina Garavaglia Cast

  17. Photo of Remo Remotti

    Remo Remotti Cast

  18. Photo of Novello Novelli

    Novello Novelli Cast

  19. Photo of Francesco Benigno

    Francesco Benigno Cast

  20. Photo of Carlo Monni

    Carlo Monni Cast

  21. Photo of Stefano Antonucci

    Stefano Antonucci Cast

  22. Photo of Giorgio Faletti

    Giorgio Faletti Cast

  23. Photo of Giorgio Di Battista

    Giorgio Di Battista Cinematography

  24. Photo of Manuel De Sica

    Manuel De Sica Music

  25. Photo of Gualtiero Caprara

    Gualtiero Caprara Production Design

  26. Photo of Vittorio Cecchi Gori

    Vittorio Cecchi Gori Producer

  27. Photo of Pio Angeletti

    Pio Angeletti Producer

  28. Photo of Adriano De Micheli

    Adriano De Micheli Producer

  29. Photo of Raimondo Crociani

    Raimondo Crociani Editing

  30. Photo of Alessandra Oldoini

    Alessandra Oldoini Costume Design