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  1. Photo of Fong Ho

    Fong Ho Director

  2. Photo of Wu Wu-Fu

    Wu Wu-Fu Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Yeh Ying-Han

    Yeh Ying-Han Producer

  4. Photo of James Wu Kuo-Ren

    James Wu Kuo-Ren Cinematography

  5. Photo of Chung Wa

    Chung Wa Cast

  6. Photo of Gua Ah-leh

    Gua Ah-leh Cast

  7. Photo of Hsieh Wang

    Hsieh Wang Cast

  8. Photo of Yau Tin

    Yau Tin Cast

  9. Photo of Peng Kong

    Peng Kong Cast

  10. Photo of Got Siu-Bo

    Got Siu-Bo Cast

  11. Photo of Zhang Ping

    Zhang Ping Cast

  12. Photo of Clement Yip Chiu-Yuk

    Clement Yip Chiu-Yuk Cast

  13. Photo of Wong Kwok-Fai

    Wong Kwok-Fai Cast

  14. Photo of Samuel Suen Sau-San

    Samuel Suen Sau-San Cast

  15. Photo of Chan Sau-Kam

    Chan Sau-Kam Cast

  16. Photo of Pang Lei-Cheung

    Pang Lei-Cheung Cast

  17. Photo of Kong Wong-Hung

    Kong Wong-Hung Editing

  18. Photo of Yam Dik-Jing

    Yam Dik-Jing Production Design

  19. Photo of Tseng Chung-Ching

    Tseng Chung-Ching Music

  20. Photo of Wong Mau-Saan

    Wong Mau-Saan Music

  21. Photo of Xin Mang

    Xin Mang Music

  22. Photo of Pearl Cheung Ling

    Pearl Cheung Ling Music, Screenplay, Cast