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  1. Photo of Štefan Uher

    Štefan Uher Director

  2. Photo of Jan Svikruha

    Jan Svikruha Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Karol Bakos

    Karol Bakos Producer

  4. Photo of Albert Marenčin

    Albert Marenčin Producer

  5. Photo of Dominik Tatarka

    Dominik Tatarka Screenplay

  6. Photo of Stanislav Szomolányi

    Stanislav Szomolányi Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jolanta Umecka

    Jolanta Umecka Cast

  8. Photo of Ladislav Mrkvička

    Ladislav Mrkvička Cast

  9. Photo of Otakar Janda

    Otakar Janda Cast

  10. Photo of Rudolf Thrún

    Rudolf Thrún Cast

  11. Photo of Stefan Bobota

    Stefan Bobota Cast

  12. Photo of Karol Béla

    Karol Béla Cast

  13. Photo of Marián Polonský

    Marián Polonský Cast

  14. Photo of Frantisek Kudlac

    Frantisek Kudlac Cast

  15. Photo of Marta Kmunícková

    Marta Kmunícková Cast

  16. Photo of Eduard Bindas

    Eduard Bindas Cast

  17. Photo of Mária Prechovská

    Mária Prechovská Cast

  18. Photo of Ruzena Pavlová

    Ruzena Pavlová Cast

  19. Photo of Olga Sýkorová

    Olga Sýkorová Cast

  20. Photo of Maximilián Remen

    Maximilián Remen Editing

  21. Photo of Ilja Zeljenka

    Ilja Zeljenka Music

  22. Photo of Milan K. Némethy

    Milan K. Némethy Sound