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  1. Photo of Júlio Bressane

    Júlio Bressane Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Oswald de Andrade

    Oswald de Andrade Screenplay

  3. Photo of João Rebello

    João Rebello Cast

  4. Photo of Giulia Gam

    Giulia Gam Cast

  5. Photo of Diogo Vilela

    Diogo Vilela Cast

  6. Photo of Louise Cardoso

    Louise Cardoso Cast

  7. Photo of Bia Nunnes

    Bia Nunnes Cast

  8. Photo of Fernanda Torres

    Fernanda Torres Cast

  9. Photo of Ângela Rebello

    Ângela Rebello Cast

  10. Photo of Noa Bressane

    Noa Bressane Cast

  11. Photo of Cláudio Mamberti

    Cláudio Mamberti Cast

  12. Photo of José Tadeu Ribeiro

    José Tadeu Ribeiro Cinematography

  13. Photo of Livio Trachtenberg

    Livio Trachtenberg Music

  14. Photo of Rosa Dias

    Rosa Dias Production Design

  15. Photo of Virginia Flores

    Virginia Flores Editing and Sound

  16. Photo of Toninho Muricy

    Toninho Muricy Sound