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  1. Photo of Jytte Rex

    Jytte Rex Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Asger Schnack

    Asger Schnack Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ole Lemmeke

    Ole Lemmeke Cast

  4. Photo of Cher Guertze

    Cher Guertze Cast

  5. Photo of Bodil Jørgensen

    Bodil Jørgensen Cast

  6. Photo of Inger Christensen

    Inger Christensen Cast

  7. Photo of Thomas Mørk

    Thomas Mørk Cast

  8. Photo of Agnete Christensen

    Agnete Christensen Cast

  9. Photo of Rosita Crone

    Rosita Crone Cast

  10. Photo of Christine Crone

    Christine Crone Cast

  11. Photo of Hans-Henrik Krause

    Hans-Henrik Krause Cast

  12. Photo of Otte Svendsen

    Otte Svendsen Cast

  13. Photo of Manuel Sellner

    Manuel Sellner Cinematography

  14. Photo of Egberto Gismonti

    Egberto Gismonti Music

  15. Photo of Philip Glass

    Philip Glass Music

  16. Photo of Werner Groesser

    Werner Groesser Music

  17. Photo of Milton Nascimento

    Milton Nascimento Music

  18. Photo of Klaus Schulze

    Klaus Schulze Music

  19. Photo of Michael Christensen

    Michael Christensen Producer

  20. Photo of Grete Møldrup

    Grete Møldrup Editing

  21. Photo of Niels Arnt Torp

    Niels Arnt Torp Sound