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  1. Photo of Linus Torell

    Linus Torell Director

  2. Photo of Martina Stöhr

    Martina Stöhr Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Holthausen

    Peter Holthausen Producer

  4. Photo of Maritha Norstedt

    Maritha Norstedt Producer

  5. Photo of Colin Nutley

    Colin Nutley Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Poa Strömberg

    Poa Strömberg Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Johan Söderqvist

    Johan Söderqvist Music

  8. Photo of Anders Bohman

    Anders Bohman Cinematography

  9. Photo of Sofia Lindgren

    Sofia Lindgren Editing

  10. Photo of Mathias Lindgren

    Mathias Lindgren Production Design

  11. Photo of Kim Jansson

    Kim Jansson Cast

  12. Photo of Lena Granhagen

    Lena Granhagen Cast

  13. Photo of Per Nilja

    Per Nilja Cast

  14. Photo of Magnus Krepper

    Magnus Krepper Cast

  15. Photo of Sverre Porsanger

    Sverre Porsanger Cast

  16. Photo of Sara Margrethe Oskal

    Sara Margrethe Oskal Cast

  17. Photo of Anna Maria Blind

    Anna Maria Blind Cast

  18. Photo of Tomas Kärrstedt

    Tomas Kärrstedt Cast

  19. Photo of Sanna Mari Patjas

    Sanna Mari Patjas Cast

  20. Photo of Henrik Gustavsson

    Henrik Gustavsson Cast

  21. Photo of Pierre Lindstedt

    Pierre Lindstedt Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Odhag

    Michael Odhag Cast

  23. Photo of Hackim Jakobsson

    Hackim Jakobsson Cast

  24. Photo of Anton Raukola

    Anton Raukola Cast

  25. Photo of Ingemar Raukola

    Ingemar Raukola Cast

  26. Photo of Jessica Forsberg

    Jessica Forsberg Cast

  27. Photo of Rolf Sundberg

    Rolf Sundberg Cast