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  1. Photo of Sergio Gobbi

    Sergio Gobbi Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Boileau

    Pierre Boileau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Chatelain

    Maurice Chatelain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeanne Cressanges

    Jeanne Cressanges Screenplay

  5. Photo of Thomas Narcejac

    Thomas Narcejac Screenplay

  6. Photo of Pierre Vaneck

    Pierre Vaneck Cast

  7. Photo of Elsa Martinelli

    Elsa Martinelli Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Hossein

    Robert Hossein Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Topart

    Jean Topart Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Coggio

    Roger Coggio Cast

  11. Photo of Jacques Castelot

    Jacques Castelot Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Moosmann

    Daniel Moosmann Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Dalban

    Robert Dalban Cast

  14. Photo of Claude Génia

    Claude Génia Cast

  15. Photo of Patricia Car

    Patricia Car Cast

  16. Photo of Geneviève Thénier

    Geneviève Thénier Cast

  17. Photo of Albert Minski

    Albert Minski Cast

  18. Photo of Rudy Lenoir

    Rudy Lenoir Cast

  19. Photo of Guy Marly

    Guy Marly Cast

  20. Photo of Rossella Bergamonti

    Rossella Bergamonti Cast

  21. Photo of Georges Berthomieu

    Georges Berthomieu Cast

  22. Photo of André Chanu

    André Chanu Cast

  23. Photo of Georges Douking

    Georges Douking Cast

  24. Photo of Martine Messager

    Martine Messager Cast

  25. Photo of Daniel Diot

    Daniel Diot Cinematography

  26. Photo of Vladimir Cosma

    Vladimir Cosma Music

  27. Photo of Fernand Rivers

    Fernand Rivers Producer

  28. Photo of Gabriel Rongier

    Gabriel Rongier Editing