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Ratings & Reviews

  1.'s rating of the film Miss Bala

    Enjoyed this film immensely. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. The feeling of impending doom really kicks in once Laura gets into the police car.

  2. FailedImitator's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Poor Laura just can' catch a break.

  3. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Una película estilizada, hipnótica y absorbente sobre la violencia generada por el narcotráfico en México. La fotografía y la cámara son soberbias.

  4. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Miss Bala

    A regional beauty pageant contestant becomes, through sheer happenstance, a pawn in the Mexican drug wars. By staying with her point of view, the film very effectively conveys her helplessness and the confusion of the world she became a part of. The movie is so dispassionate, however, that I didn't really care about what was happening.

  5. revok's rating of the film Miss Bala

    pace is the trick. i didnt like the story that much but it has some pretty intense scenes mostly when the violende isnt shown on screen.

  6. Daniella's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Una muy buena idea terriblemente ejecutada. Sólo queda decir: QUE MALA MISS BALA!!!

  7. Burt's rating of the film Miss Bala

    A film with a lot of good and bad elements, that in the end leaves you unsatisfied. 2 STARS.

  8. Seen Said's rating of the film Miss Bala

    An entirely terrifying, fully realized portrait of a politically ruined country's hopes and fears. In a way that is both mystifying and accessible, present-day Mexico's drug cartel rulership is presented using a smart, gender-conscious twist on its cultural symbolism.

  9. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Visually the film is perfect. The cinematography achieves what many other films try to do and fail. The long takes and tracking shots establish a voyeuristic look into war that is unforgiving. That said the second half is weaker than the first. It lingers too much and can be complicated at times. The ambiguous ending however is very fitting seeing that the war on drugs being fought in Mexico continues to rage

  10. sea-of-ether's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Loosely based on a true story. I really felt for the main character, Laura, you just really want her to escape and go back to living a normal life yet that's not a possibility.

  11. bracko's rating of the film Miss Bala

    a little messy but suspenseful and interesting.i cared about the girl.

  12. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Bravo Naranjo. Film teso, disperato, girato assai bene e con una protagonista che val da sola l'acquisto del biglietto.

  13. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Not really sure what the director was going for here. Much of the film is focused on the back of the actors heads or letting the action happen off screen. Both great techniques but here they are used ad nauseum. I was ready to feel the terror and the tragedy of the characters circumstance but instead found her to be a lump of clay that fidgeted with explosions went off. Really disappointing given all the praise.

  14. Adrian's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Lo que sea por ver al Sr. Burns actuar.

  15. Violeta Ayala's rating of the film Miss Bala

    1234 we don't want your war on drugs...

  16. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Makes Afghanistan look like kindergarten.

  17. Mouad Lemoudden's rating of the film Miss Bala

    it aim to be aesthetically calm and authentic, trying to have an oppressive atmosphere in which the tension is established through remarkable car sequences and shooting. the main problem is the writing; Laura, the lead, is very under-worked on papers and lacks credibility. the film ends in an inexplicable manner, leaving room for disappointment.

  18. James's rating of the film Miss Bala

    9 months in and still the best movie released this year. Where's the love?

  19. Barry Gilbert's rating of the film Miss Bala

    A parable of the Mexican drug war, Scarface channeled by the Dardenne Brothers. Engaging and bleak it has the propulsive logic of a world in which it occurs to noone to question the order of things - they're all too busy just trying to survive. Well shot and acted, I was also reminded of the paucity of stories have reached America about one of the most dramatic sagas of our time. Guess it's still in the backyard...

  20. Rio Johan's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Yes, the film is stylish, than substantial. And of course, if you do aware with the film premise, I don't think it is supposed to be a portrayal of reality. It's not supposed to be a kind of life like film, I think. But Gerardo Naranjo has his sense of style to put this unusual story feels so tense and gripping.

  21. Nikyatu's rating of the film Miss Bala

    i want to see this so badly it hurts. Naranjo is a stylistic god.

  22. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Miss Bala

    So this new one looks at poverty and fame via a beautiful young woman who dreams of becoming a beauty queen but instead gets caught up in a Mexican gang war. Some exception looking shots but on the whole full of motivation holes and way too unbelievable. Mexico's Academy award submission lacks the sass of Naranjo's last flick Voy a Explotar (I'm Gonna Explode). 3 stars

  23. Wally Zialcita's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Monsters and victims in Tijuana. Intense.

  24. Adam's rating of the film Miss Bala

    Style over substance at best, pointless, misgynatic trash at worst, I really don't get why this is getting the praise it is.