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  1. Pouya G. Asadi's rating of the film Miss Bala

    I am interviewing the illustrious Gerardo Naranjo tomorrow, who made the film Miss Baja. This is a gripping film based on the travesties of Mexico and the drug cartels that basically own the country.

  2. fakebook (Tom)'s rating of the film Miss Bala

    A world that is besieged by the lawlessness of narco-traffickers is pretty brutal, and this is a brutal, unflinching film about this reality. I found the script to be a bit unbelievable--not with respect to the demise of civil society and the corruption of power at all levels, but with respect to the credibility of the plot--but the film is powerful as a document of real social conditions, and also as a thriller.

  3. KarstenM's rating of the film Miss Bala

    This is definitely the Cannes discovery this far. An impeccably directed and very very powerful Mexican film ā€“ with some of the most fitting, brilliant cinematography I've seen in years. Also, the original story and strong main character is continuously edge-of-the-seat engaging. Flawless, unmissable film.

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