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  1. Photo of Omri Levi

    Omri Levi Director

  2. Photo of Yoav Roeh

    Yoav Roeh Producer

  3. Photo of Gabriel Wagon

    Gabriel Wagon Cinematography

  4. Photo of Merav Avrahami

    Merav Avrahami Cast

  5. Photo of Meirav Gruber

    Meirav Gruber Cast

  6. Photo of Yigal Naor

    Yigal Naor Cast

  7. Photo of Alon Oleartchik

    Alon Oleartchik Cast, Music

  8. Photo of Odelia Segal

    Odelia Segal Cast

  9. Photo of Adnan Tarabshi

    Adnan Tarabshi Cast

  10. Photo of Eliah Yachin

    Eliah Yachin Cast

  11. Photo of Adi Otman

    Adi Otman Cast

  12. Photo of Yaël Abecassis

    Yaël Abecassis Cast

  13. Photo of Itamar Glucksmann

    Itamar Glucksmann Cast