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  1. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Miss Lovely

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    TIFF '12 Starts off incredibly well with an authentic take on underground Indian exploitation film being made in the eighties just as the medium was turning to videotape. Two brothers thinking themselves filmmakers making erotic horror films don't seem to see themselves as merchants of porn. The younger one meets a young lady he wants to make a star and as they say complications ensue. If the film had been ...

  3. Hans Joachim's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    This was THE hidden diamond of TIFF '12 - and unlike any film i saw at the festival - dark & beautifully made, built of sweat and poetry. Like an impressionistic, fucked-up documentary shot in the bowels of the mumbai exploitation industry in the 80s, this film just blew me away with it's pulp & beauty, dense atmosphere & silk shirts.. gorgeous filmmaking - made with a true love of cinema. really incredible.

  4. JASMINE J's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    damn, this film be something else. killer pop style, dark atmosphere, intense really. just saw it in melbourne - the best indian film i've ever seen. would love to see it again - but yes, wild & not to everyones tastes (as are all the good things, no?). for them whitey's expecting elephants - nah, not going to happen with this one, really...

  5. SimoneHealy's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    Cannes films have a tendency to provoke reaction, with selections chosen for their impact more often than any conventionally commercial appeal, and as a result, responses from those who attend tend to polarize. So it's NO surprise that Ahluwalia‘s poetic, deranged, experimental oddity Miss Lovely pushed more than a few buttons. There is nothing like it from India - hell, there is just nothing like it.

  6. Raoul Hernandez's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    For fans of adventurous cinema, this film was perhaps the most exciting discovery of Cannes 2012, and possibly one of wildest films along with the Carax. A delirious mashup of improvised documentary, giallo, bollywood noir and 60s Euro art house...Totally wack. Like Yasuzo Masumura directing a Von Stroheim film on acid with Dario Argento as the art designer. wildy original and inventive filmmaking.

  7. Morten Steingrimsen's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    The weakest movie at Cannes film festival!

  8. Magnus Høiby-Nikolaisen's rating of the film Miss Lovely

    The weakest movie I've ever seen at a international film festival. Shame on you, oh mighty Cannes!!