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  1. Photo of María Luisa Bemberg

    María Luisa Bemberg Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Beda Docampo Feijoo

    Beda Docampo Feijoo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Julie Christie

    Julie Christie Cast

  4. Photo of Nacha Guevara

    Nacha Guevara Cast

  5. Photo of Eduardo Pavlovsky

    Eduardo Pavlovsky Cast

  6. Photo of Gerardo Romano

    Gerardo Romano Cast

  7. Photo of Iris Marga

    Iris Marga Cast

  8. Photo of Guillermo Battaglia

    Guillermo Battaglia Cast

  9. Photo of Barbara Bunge

    Barbara Bunge Cast

  10. Photo of Donald McIntyre

    Donald McIntyre Cast

  11. Photo of Sofía Viruboff

    Sofía Viruboff Cast

  12. Photo of Luisina Brando

    Luisina Brando Cast

  13. Photo of Nora Zinsky

    Nora Zinsky Cast

  14. Photo of Jorge Goldenberg

    Jorge Goldenberg Screenplay

  15. Photo of Juan Bautista Stagnaro

    Juan Bautista Stagnaro Screenplay

  16. Photo of Lita Stantic

    Lita Stantic Producer

  17. Photo of Miguel Rodríguez

    Miguel Rodríguez Cinematography

  18. Photo of Luis César D'Angiolillo

    Luis César D'Angiolillo Editing

  19. Photo of Esmeralda Almonacid

    Esmeralda Almonacid Production Design

  20. Photo of Christopher Harvengt

    Christopher Harvengt Sound